Part-time study

Do you have things to worry about other than your studies? Maybe a part-time study is the solution for you!

Those who work alongside their studies to care for their families or to take care of similar responsibilities can take advantage of part-time study. Then two semesters completed on a part-time basis are counted as one full-time semester.

What criteria must be fulfilled to qualify for part-time study are mentioned here: Hessian Enrollment Regulation. It is highly recommended that you visit the Academic Advising Center. Qualifying for part-time study does not legally entitle an applicant to the admission and provisions of separate teaching and degree programs.

Information about where the application must be sent, deadlines, and other requirements for part-time study and be found here.

A part-time study is possible only in the computer science and bioinformatics Bachelor degree program. No part-time study option is allowed in the Master of Computer Science, Bioinformatics, and Business Informatics programs.

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