Master of Bioinformatics

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The Master program is the second part of the consecutive Bachelor / Master degree in bioinformatics. Building upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the Bachelor of computer science, the Master provides advanced research-based knowledge and skills in the following four areas:

Information on AG Molecular Bioinformatics1. Sequence Analysis / Data Mining

2. Network Analysis / Systems Biology

3. Structural Analysis / Molecular modeling

4. Neuro processes / Computational Neurobiology

There is also the possibility to choose from over 50 electives in the fields of computer science, biology, mathematics, chemistry, medicine, and biophysics. Your research orientation will be strengthened by the compulsory research practicum which may be completed at another university or research facility or elsewhere in the industry. Research internships abroad are expressly welcomed. Furthermore, key skills are acquired through leading a tutorial class and mentoring group, and through drafting an application for research funding. The course concludes with a Master's thesis.


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