Business Start-up Initiatives at Goethe University
Goethe University and Goethe-Unibator collectively provide strong support for students, academic staff, and alumni who would like to launch a private company. The aim is to promote the formation of a lively culture of entrepreneurship at our university. The Goethe-Unibator builds a bridge between science and industry that facilitates a launching pad for innovative ideas from the science to leap successfully into the market.

Comprehensive services for founders
The services will assist the aspiring entrepreneurs from the creative idea generation phase through analysis and critical review of the project to an optimized business plan and onto the market. The start-up network offices and technical infrastructure are in place to help guide through that process. Above all, a lot of technical support is made available. Alongside the qualified team at the Goethe-Unibator, the founding professors act as mentors throughout the support period. In addition, a comprehensive and multidisciplinary network of experts is available. The network consists of professors from the University of Frankfurt and elsewhere, and in some cases, international university experts and experts from the national and international economic and entrepreneurial scenes.

Joining forces & benefiting from synergies
The University of Frankfurt offers through a total of 16 departments a wide range of specialized research.

The Goethe-Unibator seeks to link various scientific skills and knowledge together and provide the appropriate coordination with virtually inexhaustible synergizing effects. This allows innovative technological concepts from the natural sciences to be bundled together with the latest results from the marketing or developing research in medicine and psychology and with legal know-how. It also allows the opportunity for market development.

The future starts today
The Goethe-Unibator would like to help young people realize their creative potential and implement their ideas. Germany needs young entrepreneurs who are well-trained and who step from the laboratory into the market successfully and with zest to carry out the nation’s economic dynamism and performance. Innovative ideas are always welcome at Goethe-Unibator where you can find good professional support.
More information on the Goethe-Unibator here.

Colloquium Announcement

The Institute of Informatics hold colloquiums on a regular basis in which invited guests from the industry and leading researchers from around both Germany and the world give presentations and lectures. All interested people are invited.

A complete list of all colloquium lectures can be found on the page Kolloquiumsankündigungen (in German).

Social counseling centers

• The AstA (In German) student association’s social counseling is a point of contact for questions on topics such as health insurance, student work, student mobility, students with children, and housing.

• Counseling for foreign students: The International Office offers foreign students advice and support about the legal aspects residency, work, and study permits and about study design, study organization, graduation, and social counseling.

Social Psychiatric Service of the City of Frankfurt am Main (In German).

Psychological / Psychotherapeutic Counseling

Goethe University also offers limited types of psychological and psychotherapeutic care and offers referrals to outside centers as well.

Psychotherapeutic Counseling Centers

Registration is required for counseling sessions.

Psychotherapeutic counseling for students
Campus Bockenheim /Social Center / New Cafeteria (NM)
Bockenheimer Landstraße 133, 5 floor
60325 Frankfurt
Tel: 98-229 64 7

Psychosocial Centre for Refugees and Victims of Organized Violence

Psychosocial Centre for Refugees and Victims of Organized Violence
Fichardstr. 46
60322 Frankfurt
Tel: 069 / 55 31 10
Fax: 069 / 53 84 35
Counseling and therapy by appointment

Studies and family ...

... are not easy to balance.

We also know that as well as you do. That’s why there are various offers from the University to support students who have the added responsibility of taking care of their families while also keeping their studies on track.

Whether it’s part-time study, financial aid, or psychological counseling you’re concerned about, Goethe University’s Family Services guides and informs you about what students are entitled to under family law—whether it’s to care for your own children or for other dependents.

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