Labor Market

Many banks’ headquarters, insurance companies, business consultants, accountants, and, of course, the Frankfurt exhibition center and the Frankfurt airport are located in the Rhine-Main region. In all of these enterprises, information technology and data processing are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, employment opportunities for skilled workers are improving and increasing accordingly, causing the demand for skilled workers to grow.  Of course, there are companies in the IT and biotechnology industries headquartered in the Rhine-Main area as well.

As a student, you have the opportunity to meet and network with some of these companies at job fairs where various businesses set up booths to present themselves to students.  Participation in the exhibitions is free of charge. Some exhibitions even take place right on the university campuses. More information about the job fairs can be found on the website of University of Frankfurt’s Career Center (In German).

Those studying in Frankfurt also have the opportunity to research local job possibilities during their studies.  Many students even base their decision to study in Frankfurt on the dynamic job market that thrives here.

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