Academic Studies

The computer science degree programs offer exciting insights into methods and technologies that affect our lives significantly. You get a little taste.... here (In German) and here (In German).

Having many friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, reaching Level 85 in WoW, or living for and in front of the computer does not make a good computer scientist. Rather, being able to think logically and abstractly, having a passion for mathematics, being self-initiative and creative are important prerequisites for successful academic studies. As the Dutch computer scientist Edsger Dijkstra already put it: "Computer science is just as little about computers as astronomy is about telescopes."

You can find on the webpages of the particular study programs more information about the prerequisites you need to fulfill, what we offer you through the degree program, which professional fields we prepare you for, and how you can apply for the degree course. The application for a Master's study programme you can find here.


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